About the Artist


Sam is an artists who lives in New Hampshire with her cat and way too many candles. She attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in illustration with a minor in creative writing. She's fascinated by flora and fauna, anatomy, and the slightly macabre. Autumn is her favorite time of year, and the New England landscape provides much of her inspiration.

Sam enjoys working in a variety of different mediums including oils, gouache, ink, and embroidery (she could never choose just one). She also has a running comic starring an anxious twenty-something girl who happens to have a pumpkin for a head. When Sam isn't working one of her two jobs she's often doing freelance work, painting pet portraits, creating album art for musicians, personalized illustrations, or focusing on personal projects.

Beyond art (and candles), Sam loves reading, traveling, binge watching tv shows with her boyfriend, and baking.